The ten best cheap hotels in Zakynthos Island, Greece

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The Top 10 Bargain Hotels in Zakynthos Island, Greece

Are you looking for a budget-friendly getaway to Zakynthos Island in Greece? Look no further! Here are the top 10 cheap hotels on the island that offer great value for your money.

1. Sunset Hotel

Sunset Hotel, located near the beautiful beach, offers cozy rooms at affordable prices. Enjoy stunning sunsets from the comfort of your room.

2. Blue Wave Inn

Blue Wave Inn is a hidden gem with clean rooms and friendly staff. Relax by the pool or take a short walk to the nearby attractions.

3. Sea Breeze Resort

Sea Breeze Resort is perfect for those seeking a tranquil stay near the beach. Wake up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

4. Palm Grove Hotel

Palm Grove Hotel is a budget-friendly option with comfortable rooms and a convenient location. Explore the island's attractions without breaking the bank.

5. Ocean View Lodge

Ocean View Lodge offers spectacular views of the ocean at affordable rates. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Zakynthos Island without overspending.

6. Sunflower Guesthouse

Sunflower Guesthouse provides a homely atmosphere for budget-conscious travelers. Experience Greek hospitality at its finest without emptying your pockets.

7. Sandy Shores Inn

Sandy Shores Inn is a charming hotel close to the beach, ideal for relaxation and unwinding. Enjoy a peaceful stay surrounded by nature.

8. Island Retreat

Island Retreat offers a peaceful retreat amidst nature, perfect for budget travelers. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Zakynthos Island without the hefty price tag.

9. Horizon View Hotel

Horizon View Hotel boasts comfortable rooms with panoramic views of the island. Wake up to breathtaking vistas without breaking the bank.

10. Olive Tree Guesthouse

Olive Tree Guesthouse is a cozy accommodation option with a warm ambiance. Enjoy a relaxing stay surrounded by olive trees and Greek hospitality.


When planning your trip to Zakynthos Island, consider staying at one of these top 10 budget-friendly hotels for a memorable and affordable experience. Enjoy the beauty of the island without compromising on comfort or quality.

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